i like to eat.

There a few things in my life that I feel truly, ardently passionate about, the most significant being the gospel of Jesus Christ, eating, and writing (there’s also sleeping and Golden Girls, but those deserve blogs of their own). My ultimate goal, within the structure of English 312 at Brigham Young University, is to combine these intensely personal elements of my life into one engaging blog, and more specifically, a journal.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a big journal-er. Beginning with the sticker-covered, neon affairs brimming with accounts of teen angst written in glitter gel pen, to the marble composition books, and now to plain and simply-bound books, with entries hastily written in stolen moments, I have been intent on cherishing and preserving my life experiences. I keep photos, receipts, restaurant napkins and unique mementos, diary spines straining under the pressure of my desire to remember.

Combine this idea with that fact that in high school, I was not at a very healthy weight. Familiar to me were meals and snacks that looking back, were not at all good for my body, and arguably inedible (Hot Pockets…*shudder* what are those things even made of?!) I am still haunted by lingering Cheeto-temptation. Finally reaching a point that demanded change, I began to take my health (and for specific purposes of this blog, nutrition) more seriously. I started small, replacing foreign snacks in my diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I began to look up healthier recipes, and developed an interest in cooking. From this point, my passion for food began.

It is with these two understandings of self that this blog begins. In chronicling my experiences with food, I join together two passions. This journal allows me to preserve those significant food memories…to record what I love! Because to me, food is so much more than sustenance to be consumed on the way to our next task. It’s a rewarding and pleasure aspect of life, and very much imbibed with experience, memory, and remembered moments.

So let’s eat!

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Liz Lemon understands me. (click! gif via)


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