Fast Sunday.

On the first Sunday of every month, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints typically fast from food and drink for two consecutive meals, in this time seeking for spiritual strength and blessings for themselves and others. Growing up, abstaining from food for this period of time was difficult, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve truly seen the spiritual blessings and power that result from this act.

It is interesting, then, from this perspective to consider the augmented valued that food takes on these occasions – when you have to wait to enjoy it. Fast Sundays often take on particular food memories for me, beginning with the traditional meal of lasagna that my sister and I would salivate over every single minute until we could finally eat. Waiting for that lasagna, the rich smell permeating every nook of the house (nowhere to escape it, let me assure you) was the sort of masochistic torture that led my sister and I Hunger Games-style into the kitchen when the time to eat finally arrived. And after those first bites, the food tasted better, in magical way that simply attests to the power that food has.

Now as a college student, a new Fast Sunday tradition has developed amongst my roommate and I – that of the crock-pot dinner. Scorn as you may – the omnipresent Pinterest mention has given this appliance a stigma worthy of middle-aged-woman mockery – BUT there is something so wonderful about entering your apartment after church and smelling the aroma of chicken filling every available sensory space, bringing me back fondly to those lasagna days. I cherish the moments I get to see down with my roommate and best friend, enjoy a much-anticipated meal, and share funny moments from the week or discuss gospel principles. These Fast Sunday crock-pot meals are something I look forward to, and contain memories that inspire my desire to continue this tradition in the future, whether it be with my roommates, family members, or children. I am a crock-pot convert!

(My baby.)

(Who even knew all of the possibilities – entrees, desserts, snacks! – with essentially NO maintenance? BRILLIANT. And perfect for a penny-pinched and culinary-deficient college student. Below are some of my favorite blogs that contain crock-pot specific recipes.

Do you have any favorite crock-pot recipes or memories? Share below!

The Crockin’ Girls

Crock-Pot Ladies

A Year of Slow Cooking

A Busy Mom’s Slow Cooker Adventures

Six Sister’s Stuff

A Year of Slow Cooking


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