Just so you’re aware…this size of zucchini exists.

My roommate’s mom gifted it to our apartment, and being mostly ignorant about the purpose of zucchini, I went in search of the good stuff. You know. To the place where girl’s answers reside. I found this recipe and decided to give it a go.



Well, mostly voila. If you discount some finger skin shredded through a cheese grater and making a mess of the kitchen, then….VOILA!

And it was surprisingly delicious! (Even for something with that much vegetable…)

I might decide to fiddle with the recipe until I get it just right, but that’s the fun part about cooking, right?

Tomorrow this nice little loaf gets stored in an air-tight container and mailed about 1 mile away to a favorite missionary.

Bread, in whatever loaf variety it finds itself, reminds me of my mom. Growing up, banana bread was constantly being baked, stored, and eaten from our kitchen. To this day, I still expect it to be by the toaster, wrapped like a little treasure chest, in aluminum foil. My taste buds still conjure up withdrawn salivations of the crusty, sugary outside and warm inside, and the many moments I spent enjoying it for breakfast after 7 am seminary, having a few precious minutes to discuss life with my mom. But as much as she made this banana bread for our family, she made it in greater abundance for other people. My mom is the most selfless and charitable person I know, and oft I witnessed her in acts of service, delivering loaf after loaf of her bread to members of our ward and those in need. Just as the Savior‘s hands healed, lifted, comforted, blessed, and witnessed, her hands too give love constantly through service of this nature.

As I explore new recipes, I too seek to emulate my mother and Savior Jesus Christ by using these tools to bless and bring joy to others.

I’m grateful for the many ways that Heavenly Father teaches me. What a great lesson…all from a simple recipe!

PS – Also, I can now correctly spell zucchini (without spell check!) Bonus.



One thought on “bread.

  1. Kasee…I just read your food diary about zuccini and banana bread. I am always in awe of your many talents and gifts. You teach me so much. Thank you..our talks after seminary meant so much more than banana bread…I will forever cherish that time with you. I love you!

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