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Some various food- and blogging-related things you might be interested in. Seasonal Ingredient Map on Epicurious: -I’m just discovering how awesome Epicurious really is. (The website even deems itself ‘for people who love to eat.’ Uhh, hello!) This interactive map allows you to discover what items are fresh in your state for each month, then… Read More just fyi.


Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day. I’m a breakfast fan groupie, and insist on the whole shebang: pancakes, toast, eggs, bacon even. (photo via) In fact, I am convinced that breakfast knows no boundaries or time limits. Breakfast in the a.m.? Wonderful. Breakfast in the p.m.? BRILLIANT. It’s got that sort of… Read More breakfast.


1. No copies of People magazine anywhere. 2. People getting creative with swear words. “Fudge!” 3. No dogs 😥 4. Having to endure overhearing conversations containing one or ALL of the following words: “engaged,” “DTR,” and “missionary.” Sure, living in the town of the “stone-cold sober” university really irks me sometimes, as my list evidences.… Read More sammy’s.