1. No copies of People magazine anywhere.

2. People getting creative with swear words. “Fudge!”

3. No dogs 😥

4. Having to endure overhearing conversations containing one or ALL of the following words: “engaged,” “DTR,” and “missionary.”

Sure, living in the town of the “stone-cold sober” university really irks me sometimes, as my list evidences. (Like, really?! I have to drive out of town for trash magazines? NOT cool.) But on the other, more significant hand, I am really grateful to be living here.

Mostly because of some seriously good eats! I mean, what else are Mormon kids going to do?!


Sammy’s will always be one of my favorites.

Unless you’re a hermit, or just not familiar with “the bubble” as I lovingly deem it, you’ve probably heard of it.

First, THE best burgers and pie shakes. Yes. Pieces of pie (or cupcakes, even) in your milkshake. The best music (Provo’s music scene is another reason I love it here. So much good stuff!) is blasting as you ask for a third helping of fry sauce. Polaroids crowd every inch of wall. Plus, it’s tucked haphazardly in downtown Provo, a humble little hole-in-the-wall shack with charm, ambiance, and seriously good food. If I could, I would totally Taylor-Swift-Love-Song this joint.



It’s pretty much the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for your tastebuds. WORTH EVERY ARTERIAL-CLOGGING CALORIE I say.

Plus, this little wonder has colored many of my BYU chronicles, including soften-this-breakup-runs, roommate dates, catch-up-with-missed-friends lunches, and end-of-finals celebrations. Anyone visiting is promptly introduced to mint pie shakes and battered fries. Boom. Life made.

It’s not only summer, not only fall. It’s characteristic of so many good times at BYU. Pre-rooftop-concert meals, skipping-class-for-sugar-days, okay-I-just-need-something-salty-today cravings.

Are my en dashes wearing you out yet? Sorry. But you get the idea.

Sammy’s bears so many of my memories here. They are like the hundreds of little Polaroids adorning to the walls, reminding me of the most basic form of culinary bliss and the moments that accompany them.


Roomie and I Sammy’s-ing it up on a typical Wednesday. Yeah, I did just make that a verb.

PS – was just informed of this via Twitter:

Planning my next visit STAT.


One thought on “sammy’s.

  1. I need to check this part of your blog out more often because I love to eat something fierce! I love that you’ve found places to love in Provo even amid the cacophony of the love-crazed student body! I wish there were as many good places to eat and enjoy the music scene when I was there. Did you ever make it to any of the free Rooftop Concert Series events??? I love keeping up with your adventures here! You’re so amazing! I’m in a writing kick lately, so much to say with so little time to write it. I have a friend who’s starting to come to church with me this week!!! My ultimate hope for her would obviously be for her to join the church, but if I could somehow get her to BYU for nursing I would consider it one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of!

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