alas, the refrigerator.

I was looking through some old photos on my iTouch (I know, surely there was some homework to be done, right?! Procrastination, ftw) and happened upon some old photos I had snapped of an amazing photography exhibit I saw in the HFAC last year from Bethany Davis called “Tithing Child: A Photographic Memoir.” I enjoyed it but didn’t think much of it until I had the context of my current English class and it’s overarching topic of food. Being that this blog’s very namesake centers on the refrigerator, I felt it appropriate and necessary to dedicate a blog post to this very subject.

Concerning the project, in Bethany’s words:

Displayed around the middle of the HFAC were eleven actual refrigerator doors,  posted with photos and descriptions of the individual lives of her family members.

(all previous photos via)

I can’t even explain how in love I am with this project.

For me, the refrigerator door in my own family is representative of so much. Much more than the hold-all for engagement pictures and Christmas cards of everyone we know, or a talking point or distraction for those joining us for dinner, it constituted a visual diary of our family: who we are, what’s important to us.  And we all know the idea of diaries is exactly why and how this blog functions. Growing up, mt own family refrigerator door was updated regularly detailing indirectly our lives and the lives of our family and friends. It was wonderfully cluttered.

(Here’s the family fridge today, as reported by Mama Baldwin, documenting the recent birth and day-to-day growth of little baby Mae)

It’s true, I realize: we can definitely tell a great deal about who people are by what they eat. But we can also learn about these same people by the other contexts around food, like Bethany explains, rather than just what’s in their pantry, or what they eat for breakfast. What a new and powerful way to look at food and its extensions as the ultimate record. (And I lovelovelove the mini autobiographical placards Bethany places near each door).

(Three preceding poorly-taken photos are mine)

My own refrigerator – if I had a refrigerator of my own to clutter – would probably consist of things that are telling about me: a recent Washington Post article that I loved, a Pinterest recipe scribbled on an index card and hung with a magnet, pictures of missionary friends, a list of goals to track, an Elder Holland quote, and a picture a my family from my sister’s wedding , a black and white Kodak of us all cheering in front of the temple. Going along with Bethany’s idea, my placard would most likely say:


Leesburg, Virginia

b. 1992

80-year-old in a 19-year-old body. Cupcake enthusiast. Aspiring journalist and boy-band connoisseur.

Lover of You’ve Got Mail and Pauline Kael. Occasionally falls off treadmills. Spinach advocate.

What is your refrigerator door like? What does it say about you?


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