(photo via) Here’s to more improvising in the kitchen! This time, I tried cinnamon rolls. I typically shy away from anything involving yeast as its inevitable-inedibleness looms over my mixing bowl like a culinary nightmare. But, alas, I was feeling adventurous. 7 cups of flour to the wind, I like to say! Or something… Anywho,… Read More rolllll.


I’m a strict recipe-follower. I have this obsessive need to have control over everything. Cooking has only reinforced that fact about myself. I want to follow a recipe, and I want to follow it exactly. Neat, tidy, no surprises. It’s in this way only that I guarantee that it will turn out as it’s supposed… Read More uncharted.


(photo via) Donuts. Or is it doughnuts? What a troublesome dilemma for a topic of such importance! For purposes of this post, I’m going to go with the former. Fewer letters. (photo via) I have a love-hate relationship with the fried confection. To this day, the mere sight of a Dunkin Donuts makes me nauseous,… Read More donuts.