coming to terms.

Long time, no post.

But if you must know, I’ve had sort of an epiphany over the last few months. In regard to my relationship with food, it’s becoming painfully clear that what began as a unassuming interest has grown into a sum total of my undeveloped ambitions. I want to write. And I want to write about food. For me, food means so much. I know, that doesn’t really mean anything to you. But to me, food is culture. Food is memory. Food is important. That’s clique, I know, and it sounds so as I write, and what follows is a frustrating attempt to explain.

It may have started earlier, but I believe I recognized it as early as my sophomore year in college, when my Persuasive Writing professor assigned us to keep food blogs, focusing the class on food writing as a semester-long topic. We watched Babette’s Feast and discussed the implications of a rapidly changing food industry. Easily one of the most engaging classes I’ve ever taken. I knew I liked to cook, to find new recipes, and try exciting foods, but over the past few months, along with developing a close relationship with the writings of Laurie Colwin, I’ve realized that food is an important part of culture, of people and their stories, their histories and memories. It’s everything.

So it’s my quest, starting here on my measly blog, to record and share food memories, discoveries, and adventures. It’s my quest to connect food with culture, eating with memories, and joy to culinary creating. A divine calling? Maybe not. But for now, I’m following the fire that’s been lit underneath me. Here’s to discovery!

Now to a few of my best food moments from the summer:

– Crabbing

I’ve never been a big seafood fan. But ever since I spent 18 months in Africa, it’s gradually making its way into my eager appetites. And I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been dreaming of crab cakes all summer. So of course, Seth made that happen. We hit the water with an old friend of Seth’s and went home with tons of crab. We cooked them and spent hours removing the meat, juice running down our arms, the smell in our clothes (an odor still permeating the house). But wow. Holy homemade crab cakes.









(The aftermath)

– Fruit picking

Without a doubt, picking fruit was one of my favorite summer activities, and Washington has proved to a great place for it. With juice-stained hands and rips in our clothes (from fighting blackberry bushes, of course) came jam, cobbler, smoothies, all the foods that make summer memorable. Already counting down until next year!







There has been something so magical about food this summer for me. Like baking new treat. Nailing a tricky cinnamon roll recipe. Finding a tasty new hole-in-the-wall. Rationalizing that s’mores calories aren’t real calories. Discovering that hey, I might actually like Chinese food.

So here’s a hurrah to the last few moments of summer, and to the food adventures of the future.





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