I’ve made an important realization.

I’ll go just about anywhere and do just about anything if food is involved.

I’ll dedicate road trips to finding the best french fries. I’ll incorporate a pie-shake stop into our weekly date nights. I’m not above an hour-long taco expedition. I’m shameless.

Thus, I’ve christened a new hashtag: #becausethefood.

A few weeks ago, Seth and I went to the Utah State Fair. Woo: rides! Woo: animals! Woo: entertainment! jk jk jk FOOOOOOOD. I’m all about fair food. I live for funnel cakes and kettle corn. It’s such a summer treat and I just.can’t.get.enough.


Like I’ve talked about in length before, for me, food = memories. Now every time I eat dough bathed in powdered sugar that sticks to my fingers for hours, I can remember warm summer nights with my sweet, watching children play, their eyes swimming with the neon lights of fair rides. It’s magical. (So are foot-long corn dogs.)


What do you do #becausethefood?


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