Cinnamon-Rolls-2(photo via)

Here’s to more improvising in the kitchen!

This time, I tried cinnamon rolls. I typically shy away from anything involving yeast as its inevitable-inedibleness looms over my mixing bowl like a culinary nightmare. But, alas, I was feeling adventurous. 7 cups of flour to the wind, I like to say! Or something…

Anywho, they they didn’t come out perfectly. They were ginormous in size and the frosting wasn’t exactly right. Too much cream cheese, not enough vanilla. But I’m learning to accept that all my creations won’t be perfect the first time around. And it’s kind of fun that way. Plus, a few needed tweaks didn’t stop my roommates and I from gobbling them up straight out of the pan. Yum.

Here’s a few starter recipes that I worked from. 1/2

When I’m a little more ambitious, I’ll attempt these.

Here’s to a happy (and sugary) weekend!

333323997_04bd8d6c53(photo via)

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