“I don’t like food; I LOVE it. If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow.” Luckily, I have people in my life who understand my foodie ways. In what wins the award for most adorable date ever, my boy and his roommate planned a Ratatouille double-date. Since I am a pathetic human being and poorly… Read More Rat-patootie.


Y’all know I’m all about the Crock-Pot. Cooks itself, zero maintenance. It’s a beautiful thang. After a fun road trip with friends to Arizona, I was introduced to tortilla soup. Yeah. I’m a fan. So I decided to put it to the crock-pot test for a special occasion. This recipe commemorates one month. One wonderful… Read More one.


I don’t care what your grandma says. I have found the BEST cookie recipe ever. It all started in my Media Law class. There, in a glorious Ziploc, were homemade cookies, courtesy of teacher and wife. And they were amazing. Turns out, they were the cookies of famous Neiman Marcus recipe fame. So of course,… Read More best.


(photo via) Here’s to more improvising in the kitchen! This time, I tried cinnamon rolls. I typically shy away from anything involving yeast as its inevitable-inedibleness looms over my mixing bowl like a culinary nightmare. But, alas, I was feeling adventurous. 7 cups of flour to the wind, I like to say! Or something… Anywho,… Read More rolllll.


I’m a strict recipe-follower. I have this obsessive need to have control over everything. Cooking has only reinforced that fact about myself. I want to follow a recipe, and I want to follow it exactly. Neat, tidy, no surprises. It’s in this way only that I guarantee that it will turn out as it’s supposed… Read More uncharted.