I don’t care what your grandma says. I have found the BEST cookie recipe ever.

It all started in my Media Law class. There, in a glorious Ziploc, were homemade cookies, courtesy of teacher and wife.

And they were amazing.

Turns out, they were the cookies of famous Neiman Marcus recipe fame.

So of course, of to Pinterest I went to find them. And immediately make them.

YUUUM. (Recipe here/here).chocolate-chip-cookie-recipes-500x750

(photo via)

I adapted the recipe just a bit: no nuts, used a food processor for the Hershey bars instead of grating them, and used Guittard semi-sweet chocolate chips (the BEST chips). The oats and chocolate are key, but personalize the recipe for your own tastes.

These were a huge hit amongst roommates and friends, and a perfect treat for our group Psych night tradition.

Warning: if made for a social gathering, they go FAST. I recommend doubling the batter. 🙂


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